The Investment Process

Our process begins when we receive an Application for Funding request from you via this website.

If you satisfy the initial criteria you then enter our deal flow management system, DEALUM, which will ask you to upload the information we need to carry out a desk based appraisal. If we like what we see we will send you a link to re-enter DEALUM along with a request to upload any additional information we may need.

Should your project then be approved you will be invited to attend a structured interview ahead of a presentation to our members.

If our members support your project we will proceed to the ‘book building’ stage which we may complete from within the syndicate or in collaboration with our partners and co-investors including Scottish Enterprise.

Once ‘book building’ is complete we will make you an offer in the form of a Term Sheet. If our offer is accepted by you we will proceed to legal completion which involves the drafting of an Investment Agreement and possibly a new set of Articles of Association.

Funding can be drawn down once legal completion is achieved.


  • Investments in portfolio companies are made by individual TRICAPITAL members, not TRICAPITAL as an organisation.
  • TRICAPITAL manages the due diligence of potential investments as part of its administration service for members and for the Scottish Enterprise Co-investment Fund (if applicable). These costs are charged to the company if the investment goes ahead.
  • TRICAPITAL normally charges the investee company a one-off research fee and ongoing monitoring fee as part of the administration service it provides for members in respect of their investments.
  • Where applicable, TRICAPITAL manages the drawdown of Co- Investment Fund monies by Scottish Enterprise as part of its match funding facility.
  • Where possible, a TRICAPITAL member is appointed to the invested company’s board to represent the individual members’ interests.
  • All applications for investment must be Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) approved or eligible.

Leadership Team

TRICAPITAL Angels Limited is a Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Co-Investment Fund partner.