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Member’s Spotlight – Malcolm McMaster

member's spotlight Malcolm McMaster Introducing the latest TRICAPITAL member's spotlight featuring Malcolm McMaster. With a diverse career spanning maritime, high-tech, and satellite industries, Malcolm brings invaluable experience to his role as an investor. Committed to TRICAPITAL's ethos of societal impact, he envisions a future marked by growth, diversity, and continued support for innovative ventures in [...]

Member’s Spotlight – Professor Lynne Cadenhead BSc

member's spotlight Professor Lynne Cadenhead BSc We're thrilled to present the second instalment of our TRICAPITAL member's spotlight, featuring Professor Lynne Cadenhead, BSc. MBA. With over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures, equity investment, and policy shaping, Professor Cadenhead, currently leading her third start-up, Immaculate Drinks, brings valuable insights. In this spotlight, we explore [...]

Member’s Spotlight – Philip Sellwood CBE

member's spotlight Philip sellwood cbe We are thrilled to present our first interview in our new TRICAPITAL member's spotlight with Philip Sellwood CBE. In this spotlight, we explore Philip's journey to becoming an investor and director, his professional background, and his perspective on the exciting opportunities in Scotland's sustainable energy sector. Philip shares his experiences [...]