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Portfolio Company Spotlight – TradeMyLux with Bob Corsie

Our latest portfolio spotlight dives into TradeMyLux. In this exclusive interview, Bob Corsie, one of the co-founders, provides insights into TradeMyLux's inception, the significance of TRICAPITAL's support, and the ambitious plans set for 2024. Can you offer us an overview of TradeMyLux, the background, core products and services? About 20 years ago, I opened my [...]

Portfolio Company Spotlight – Beta Bugs Limited

BETA BUGS LIMITED - CEO and Founder Thomas Farrugia Our latest portfolio spotlight is Beta Bugs Limited. We had the pleasure of sitting down with, Thomas Farrugia, their CEO and Founder to delve into Beta Bugs' background, their future aspirations, and their partnership journey with TRICAPITAL. Beta Bugs Limited, headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, is an [...]

Portfolio Company Spotlight – Aveni

portfolio company spotlight AVENI - COO JAMIE HUNTER Our second portfolio spotlight is Aveni. We had the pleasure of sitting down with their Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Hunter, to delve into Aveni's history, their future aspirations, and their partnership journey with TRICAPITAL. Aveni is an Edinburgh-based FinTech company propelling the financial services industry into a [...]

Portfolio Company Spotlight – Carcinotech Ltd

portfolio company spotlight CARCINOTECH LTD - CEO ISHANI MALHOTRA We are thrilled to invite Ishani Malhotra to be our first TRICAPITAL portfolio company interviewee in our new spotlight series. Carcinotech, a pioneering biotech company based in Scotland, is revolutionising cancer research and treatment through cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Founded by Ishani Malhotra, their team [...]