Team Spotlight – Susan Arnold

Our latest interview features a team spotlight, as we had the pleasure of speaking with Susan Arnold, TRICAPITAL’s Membership Services Manager. We explored her background, her role within the organisation, and the evolution of TRICAPITAL over the years.

Let’s start at the beginning. Can you share a bit about your background and how you found yourself working with TRICAP?

Certainly. My journey with TRICAP began back in the summer of 2015, a connection fostered through DH&Co, the firm’s accountants at the time. Having previously worked in a similar capacity elsewhere, I felt I was looking for change after 24 years. The opportunity presented itself through DH&Co, and I took the leap! It’s been nearly nine years now, and I still split my time between TRICAP and my other role.

It’s interesting how connections like that can lead to new opportunities. How has TRICAP evolved since you joined, especially considering the shift to online operations due to COVID-19?

When I first joined, TRICAP’s membership was largely localised here in the Borders, but now we have members spanning across regions from Ireland to America. While going online has helped to streamline certain aspects, for instance, members being able to watch presentations at their own leisure, I do prefer face-to-face interactions. I feel you get to know members better, and it’s great considering we’re hosting more and more in-person events again. Our next member’s meeting will take place at Tynecastle Stadium!

Speaking of evolution, could you shed some light on TRICAP’s vision and how it’s shaping the organisation’s trajectory?

Moray’s vision for TRICAP is definitely propelling us forward, and it keeps evolving! The team is great at rallying individuals who share our ethos, steering us toward our longer-term goals. We’ve seen a significant shift in our membership base, attracting diverse individuals from all walks of life, and from across the globe, looking for opportunities that offer access to the buoyant Scottish early-stage investment.

As TRICAP’s membership base evolves, do you notice changes in their needs and desires? How does TRICAP adapt to accommodate these shifts?

Definitely, the investment landscape has changed significantly since TRICAP first started and so have the needs of our members. We continually seek input from our members through surveys and questionnaires to make sure we’re catering to their diverse array of needs. Some people lean towards larger deals, while some of our long-term members prefer to nurture their existing investments.

Reflecting on past experiences, are there any standout moments or deals that have left a lasting impression on you?

I’d probably say my most memorable deal was my first with TRICAP, a deal for Aurum Biosciences. We brought in over 20 new members for just that deal so I was certainly thrown in at the deep end. They’re still part of TRICAP’s portfolio to this day, and it’s been great to watch the company evolve and grow.

Beyond business, it seems TRICAP fosters a sense of community. Could you elaborate on the companionship among members?

TRICAP initially started out amongst a circle of friends, and I think this aspect still exists to this day. While deals are important, TRICAP has also helped people forge genuine connections. This might involve offering advice and leveraging the collective experience of our members to support portfolio companies and entrepreneurs, or facilitating introductions that turn into lasting friendships among our members.

Looking ahead, what do you envision for TRICAP’s future?

The only constant at TRICAP is change. We definitely anticipate further growth in our membership base within the next year, along with new and exciting deals! The start of the year has already been a busy one, with presentation after presentation, so it’s looking promising that 2024 will be a year of continued growth for the syndicate.